de Arte


The mission of Raices de Arte Espanol is to deepen the roots of flamenco in our students and our city. Flamenco is not a hobby, flamenco is a lifestyle. Each student, professional dancer and instructor brings their own personal life experiences to their dance style. Flamenco bears its own roots in the unrest and turmoil of gypsies and moors. Flamenco is shaped by the happiness, pain and sadness we experience as a community and as individuals. We strive to teach students to find their inner flamenco. It is a process that is taught and discovered. Beginning from the basics if you are 5 years old or 99 years old, flamenco challenges the mind, body and spirit. As a very intelligent maestra once said, " Flamenco is pain, but it is a beautiful pain."
How do you express your flamenco?
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