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Flamenco I

Day: TBD

Time: TBD
$TBD monthly

Instructor: Crystal Martinez-Caballero

This class focuses on the basic steps and technique of flamenco. You will learn the fundamentals of flamenco and learn to do Sevillanas.

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Flamenco II

Day: TBD

Time: TBD
$TBD monthly

Instructors: Crystal Martinez-Caballero

This class is for intermediate child flamenco student. It will focus on technique, choreography and castanets. You will further your fundamental techniques and expand your concept of the different compas in flamenco.

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Flamenco III

Days: TBD

Time: TBD
$TBD monthly

Instructors: Genevive Obregon and Chiqui Linares

For children with the intermediate/advanced flamenco experience with prior years of flamenco experience. These classes incorporate advanced choreography, castanets, classical Spanish and extensive advanced technique.

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Baby Flamenco

Day: TBD

Time: TBD
$TBD monthly

Instructors: Crystal Martinez-Caballero

(3-5 yrs old)
This class introduces the children to the basic steps and techniques of flamenco and body movement. Children will also learn a routine for the end of year recital.

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 The Studio will Re-Open by Phases:

Phase I  - TBD: Adult Flamenco 1, 2, & 3 and Children Flamenco 3

Phase II - TBD: Children Flamenco 2

Phase III - TBD: Children Flamenco 1/ Baby Flamenco

Online Castanet Class - August 5th on YouTube

·  Limited number of dancers per class: Student-Teacher ratio 5:1

   that means  there will be 5 students to 1 teacher per class.

·   She needs to know who’s a confirmed student so she can

    arrange schedules due to smaller class sizes.

·   Please call (no texting please) Chiqui @ 210-875-3066 

    if you are interested in any of the classes starting in July,

    August or September. The schedule and prices will be set at a

    later date.

·   If you want to know more about our re-opening procedures,

    please click the button below.

(210) 875-3066

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